Ghana's "Apketeshi" is a Nuclear Weapon. Donald Trump Tells UN

In an attempt to control world peace, the president of the United States of America has caution UN to carefully examine the popular drink in Ghana known locally as "Apketeshi". According to the "Obroni", He once took a glass of  "Apketeshi" and almost died from it.

"That drink is a nuclear weapon. It can kill"

However, when we interviewed some Ghanaians concerning this issue, some were rather perplexed.

"Am highly disappointed. They cannot prevent us from ridding our "mmotia cycle". That's what we like. They can drink their beer."

Information reaching our side indicates that, the United Nation has sent some scouts into Ghana to check and have a taste in order to prove its potency in killing people.

Now, lets throw it back to you. Have you taken "Apketeshi" before? How was it?